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  • Quick Revision Course for MRCOG Part 3 examination   Recommended for the MRCOG part 3 candidate once exam booking is done. It is 12 classes course spread over six weeks It involves 5 obstetrics classes and 5 Gynaecology classes…

  • Circuit Course It is one to one session spread over 3 hours Involves 14 stations one from each module Complete exam simulation followed by one hour feed back by Dr. Priyata Lal Useful one week before examination    …

Orientation PPT - 1

ORIENTATION About MRCOG part 3 exam - video session



Class on 28-06-2020

These following Video sessions are from the class taken on 28-06-2020 by Dr. Priyata Lal - Model Stations and Viva - for theMRCOG Part 3 examination.


It is divided into four parts - Task 1 to 5


Task 1 - Module on Maternal Medicine (SLE in Pregnancy)


Task 2 - Oncology Module - Abnormal Smear ( CGIN)


Task 3 - Teaching module - Manual Removal of Placenta


Task 4 - Contraception Counseling for patients with breast cancer post caesarean section Day 2


Task 5 - Core Surgical Modules - Laparoscopy Viva

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