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Dr. Purnima - Successful Candidate of November 2019 MRCOG Examination

My journey of MRCOG
Each part of MRCOG was an experience and personal growth for me. It was also a time when I got to meet new friends and got encouraged by many people. Part 1 I gave just like that. Passing my time in internship in 2000 without realizing what is ahead of me. My life changed when I gave part 2. I understood in full capacity that these were not just some exams but something which would change the way I practice and make me a better Part 3 was the defining moment. I still remember my friends from UK saying that it is like driving a car in UK, while in India you maybe an ace but there you do not know the rules, the bumps,the twists, the turns and finally the confidence. So most Indian doctors find it difficult and do not pass.
Now here comes my Guru Dr Priyata Lal. She taught me how to drive in UK sitting in India. She gave me a realistic perspective of the exams. We have the knowledge but putting it to use well was lacking.
She put in hours of work on each one of us and modelled a candidate and transformed me into a mature and successful person. Dr Priyata is God sent teacher and an amazing human being. I wish all her students a 100% always.
My tribute and respects for her. I owe it to you Dr Priyata


Dr. Purnima 



Dr. Uzma Patil - Successful Candidate of November 2019 MRCOG Examination

I am extremely thankful to you for being my mentor. Translating my deep sense of gratitude in few words is extremely difficult and words alone cannot express how grateful I am to you for all your support and help.

                    You have been my inspiration and more than that, thank you for being my guide, a friend and a mentor. Your guidance and help have been instrumental and of paramount importance in achieving my dream. A special mention for guiding me through the process of communication skills required for my exams.

                    Though we haven’t met, I feel a very strong sense of bonding with you for which I will be forever grateful to you. As I said, words alone cannot express my gratitude to you, all I can assure you is that one day I hope to inspire someone else as you have inspired me.

Thank you for everything…….


 Yours Sincerely,

Dr Uzma Patil



Dr. Pooja Vasisth - Successful Candidate of November 2019 MRCOG Examination

                Dearest Dr Priyata Lal, I have no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for you. I joined your course as a complete oblivious person who had no clue about part 3 curriculum. Your efforts were tremendous.you drilled the knowledge and art of communication in me.
I would recommend this course to all part 3 aspirants because-
It gives an unexhaustive list of resources to read.
It gives a very flexible syllabus based approach.
It covers all the recalls.
It gives a very extensive personalised feedback.
It's worth every penny you spend.
Above all, my mentor Dr priyata Lal ,is an exceptional human being who is sensitive companionate ,patient and very methodical mentor.
I have no doubts that who so ever joins her course will PASS for sure.
Thanks Dr priyata Lal.
I am glad to know you.

Dr. Pooja Vasisth





Dr. Swathi Tarigopula - Successful Candidate of November 2019 Examination

 It was a proud day for me and my entire family to hear my name being spoken in london while receiving my mrcog certificate. It is forever etched into my memory all thanks to my mentor dr priyata and her amazing and informational course for part 3. I followed her classes since part 2 days and that is what made me choose her as my mentor for part 3. It was a lucky day when i decided to join her course because she is not like other people who are commercial and disconnected eith students. She really poured her heart and soul into training us  and the results show that as all of us who took her course cleared with flying colour. A big thank you Dr priyata for all your help

 Dr. Swathi Tarigopula


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